Hydroponics Kits

Our EasyHydro system is ideal for indoor, outdoor, or open balcony growing.

Each EasyHydro kit is built around a self contained water jet/R-DWC (Recirculating – Deep Water Culture) hydroponics bucket system. The EasyHydro Cloner allows you to get from clones or seedlings, to fully mature fruiting/flowering plants in no time, and keep the cycle going.

The versatile EasyHydro system can be used in; direct sunlight outdoors, any indoor space with a few hours of good light, or in a controlled environment under artificial lights. The black buckets keep water algae free and white buckets act as a reflective sun jacket, to keep water cool even in direct sunlight.

EasyHydro Cloners should be kept in shady but well lit area preferably out of direct sunlight, at least until clones have well established roots.